Remedy By Request

Remedy By Request - San Diego California's Premiere Hip Hop Artist. 
Remedy By Request is one of the great hip-hop artist of San Diego California.  A seasoned veteran of the hip-hop scene, Remedy By Request has been plying his trade and perfecting his craft to the delight of rabid rap fans all over the region. Remedy By Request’s skills shine through bright and clear in his chosen genre. Combining a mastery of verbal flow and production know-how, every detail of his hip-hop music merges in a synergy of talent and profound musical instinct. His crisp wordplay, smooth lyrical continuity and focused delivery make for punchy, addictive rhythms that summon major grooves.   He possesses the compositional skills and ability to shape words and images into cutting edge rap. The hooks unleashed by the fine-tuned textures of the instrumental side of his craft attack with razor-sharp points, sinking in deep and pulling hard on the listener.
Remedy By Request’s music conjures a sense of power – the energy of a smart, charismatic personality releasing his art through potent music. It makes me feel invincible,” he says. And he doesn’t take that power lightly. Music is a tool, a powerful mechanism for shaping minds and culture. “It has the power to influence, the power to heal, the power to bring people together from all backgrounds, the power to control minds,” Remedy By Request asserts.  Remedy By Request’s lyrics find their strength through an artist’s eyes wide open to reality in all its manifestations. He is open to more than just the stereotypical negatives often associated with his genre. There are the “trials and tribulations that we all go through,” he says. But there are also the “joys and triumphs in our lives, the simple things in life that may not mean much to some but to others, a great deal.” He finds his ultimate inspiration in others who, like him, live by dedication and passion and, most importantly, who never give up. Writing songs is an everyday – and intimate – part of his life. He always opens himself up, becoming a channel for the music, letting the song speak for itself. “It’s important for the chemistry of the song,” he says.
Remedy By Request is an artist who refuses to be boxed into one particular genre of Hip Hop Music.  He represents the element of surprise.  Whether it’s social conscious, street, gangster, inspirational, club or good vibe hip hop music, he does it well.  He is truly a great artist with star quality.  The world has to wait no longer.                 Remedy By Request

"The moves you make in silence can become the loudest noise."
Remedy By Request